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Description: The place where he lived was not far from home, and it took him about ten minutes to walk there. When he opened the door and went in, he saw Ye Xiang bring the food to the table. He smiled and said, "It came quite quickly!" "How dare the younger one disobey the summons of the elder princess?" Ye Chang smiled and asked his mother how she was doing these two days while helping to serve the dishes. Perhaps hearing the voice, Ye's mother had already pushed her wheelchair out of the room and answered herself: "You are in good health, so you don't have to worry about it." The family population is simple, only Ye Xiang Ye Chang and Ye Mu three people, eating naturally no fastidious, the most simple four dishes and one soup, sit down and carry chopsticks is, but the family education of the Ye family is very strict, requiring no words to eat, no words to sleep, everyone is eating with their heads down, not very talkative. Today, I don't know whether Ye's mother was in a good mood or was thinking about something. After picking up a chopstick dish for Ye Chang, she suddenly opened her mouth and said, "You are not young. It's time to make a girlfriend and fall in love. Don't stay at home all day and tinker with your computer." As soon as Ye Chang was stupefied, he thought of Li Zhu casually and smiled: "Mom, you don't have to worry about this. I know it in my heart." Ye Mu sighed: "I don't urge,endless swimming pool, can you care about this matter?"? It's all my fault that my body suddenly went wrong. Now I can only rest quietly. I'm so idle that I'm in a panic. I just think that if there are more people in my family and more children, it will be much more lively. When I get busy, I won't feel sad. At this point, she turned to look at Ye and thought, "And you, don't blame me for urging you. When are you going to get married?" As soon as Ye Xiang saw his mother talking about him, his face stiffened. He lowered his head and took a mouthful of rice and then said, "Mom,whirlpool hot tub spa, didn't I say earlier that I didn't want to get married? Isn't it good to be a single noble and be free?" "You're fooling around!" Ye Mu lowered her face and put down her chopsticks: "Such a big man..." As soon as the two brothers and sisters looked at each other, they suddenly felt that their heads were getting bigger. They all knew that for the sake of Ye Xiang's single declaration, Ye's mother had lost her temper many times. As long as she nagged, she could not stop. Although she knew that her mother was well-intentioned and cared about herself, everyone had his own ambition. Some things could not be done reluctantly. Ye Xiang could not help but cast a look at the night singing for help, hoping that he would help herself. Ye Chang lowered his head with a smile and picked up a chopstick dish for the old lady, trying to seal her mouth: "I said why did you suddenly ask me to come back for dinner today? It turned out that there was a Hongmen banquet at home!" Ye Mu was amused by him with a smile, but cut off the nagging words: "I know you think I am annoying!"! But I'm the only one who's nagging you! I'm old, and while I can still move, I want to taste the taste of playing with grandchildren. You won't even give me this chance, will you? The old lady's words are very helpless and lonely, but let Ye Chang suddenly feel guilty, think about the time he knew Zhu is not short, in fact, indoor endless pool ,massage bathtub manufacturers, really should tell the family, do not expect anything else, as long as the mother can feel at ease a little faster, it is enough. Thinking of this, he raised his head and announced earnestly, "Actually, I already have a girlfriend." —————— I'm back. I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Chapter 144 Be reckless and take care of things Ye Chang a word exports, other two people are stupefied. Ye Xiang glanced at him with his eyes and said in his heart, "This boy, quietly, has already hooked up with his girlfriend. His ability is not bad. But in this way, isn't she the only one who gives his mother a headache?"? Not good! It's not good, it's terrible! I'm afraid all the nagging in the future will be directed at her! Ye Mu smiled happily: "Not to make me happy, right?"? Where did you meet? How come I never heard you say that? "Really, I didn't coax you." Ye Chang smiled and avoided answering the following questions. For the older generation, I'm afraid it's hard for them to accept the answer of the girl they met in the online game. His concerns were justified, but how could Ye Mu be easily fooled? In the end, it came out! Ye Chang's answer surprised her, online games?! Ye Mu's face sank: "You have grown up, and you usually have a sense of propriety in doing things. Occasionally playing games is a pastime. I didn't nag you, but I didn't expect you to do such an unreliable thing!"! Fall in love in online games? Can that be taken seriously? Don't be careless with me. What I want is for you to fall in love seriously in reality and find a partner who can get married, not to play house in the game! Ye Chang was choked and could only whisper: "Mom, you can rest assured that she is a very good girl, I am serious." "Seriously?" All of a sudden, the tone of Ye's mother tongue was raised, and it seemed that she was angry: "You are in love online!"! Do you know who is behind the computer? And you told me it was serious?! I'm afraid you're serious! The old lady was probably too excited, and as she spoke, her hands covered her chest, and her face changed slightly. This time it was not only night singing, but even Ye Xiang was a little panicked. He quickly got up and poured a glass of water. He handed it over and coaxed him to say, "Mom, you drink some water. If you have anything to say, you should say it well. Night singing is not a child. He knows what he is doing." Ye Mu took the cup and took a sip of water. Suddenly she sighed and said slowly, "Have you seen that girl?" Seen in the holographic online games, in fact, with the reality of meeting the general, Ye Chang naturally nodded. Ye Mu really looked at him suspiciously: "Is it a video on the Internet?" "No." The night singer shook his head in embarrassment. Video? I'm afraid my mother's impression of video is still stuck in the era of looking at each other with cameras more than a decade ago. It's really nerve-racking. How can I explain to her that the realism of the game is the same as that of reality? Can't buy a game cabin and let her experience it for herself? Ye Chang spent a lot of words, carefully to tell Ye Mu all kinds of games, but the old lady is still a face of suspicion, a long time before the light way: "Even so, the network personality and the real personality is still different, not accurate!"! Anyway, do not approve of you to fall in love on the net, break early, do not delay others, also do not delay yourself! "But." Ye Chang was still waiting to say more,jacuzzi suppliers, but was interrupted by Ye Mu: "Don't say it, that's my idea!" The old lady was probably so stuffy that she had no appetite to eat any more, so she turned her wheelchair and went back to her room to sulk. monalisa.com

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