The Tank Corps Sweeping the Late Qing Dynasty

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Description: The Japanese fishermen were arrested by the Chinese navy and all their fishing boats were confiscated. This is already the territory of our new Chinese army. "This is our Japan!" The short and ugly appearance of the Japanese fishermen caused many Chinese soldiers to laugh. Why "We are Japanese and this is our home." "Well, now, you are all prisoners of the Chinese New Army!"! Even the territory! When a scholar meets a soldier, it is not clear, not to mention the Japanese hooligans whose language is not interlinked and whose knowledge and opinions are too poor? They were seized by Chinese soldiers, interrogated, beaten without hesitation, and then given more specific details of climate and geography. March to Yenwon, a port in the northern part of the South Island. It is also the place where China's new army has long targeted. In the course of eight days, the submarines of the three detachments had moved closer to here and quickly joined forces. More than 50 Chinese land-based air force aircraft, which departed from Pusan Airport, also served as an escort mission for the fleet. It is only 100 miles from here to Tsushima Island. That is, more than 30 nautical miles, more than 50 kilometers. Yanyuan Port was calm, but when the huge collection of Chinese naval fleets marched here, it immediately boiled. The Japanese fishermen, the people of this town, were shocked to see a large number of foreign warships coming. Look at each other. Qing Guoren, Qing Guoren! "No, the new Chinese army, they are different from the people of the Qing Dynasty!" It was all right to talk in a low voice, but if they were wise and sensible, they should have run away long ago. After a little hesitation, they rushed home, and then, with the old and the young, they fled madly towards the depths of the island with only the least things. Quick, the new Chinese army is coming. "Yes, the Chinese are coming!" "Master China is here!" "They like killing people best, and they like white and tender girls best!" There is no doubt that in addition to Cao Cao (or Zhuge Liang's slander and joke) who likes women and does not like young girls, this insidious, cunning and ruthless guy,outdoor ficus tree, because modern China is so full that it has nothing to do, can only talk nonsense about the so-called brick shortage, in order to be innovative and get some eyeball resources, so the pattern of renovation is constantly painted with brilliance. It is estimated that it is the most cool and romantic thing to defeat one enemy after another and enjoy their property, wives and daughters with the same idea as Genghis Khan. Besides, the Chinese girl's plot is too strong to melt. However, the Chinese new army did not have this leisure for a while, the fleet first sent a small number of boats into the exploration route, and then willing to believe the Japanese fishermen's words, put the large fleet into the port of Yanyuan. The defense system was urgently deployed, and dozens of mines were released at suitable locations outside the harbor. Although the movement and courage of the Japanese fleet were questionable, it was still fundamental to be prepared. The three submarine units were replenished, torpedoes were installed, fuel was replenished, and supplies and so on were replenished. Basically, the Chinese fleet was not afraid of anyone. The navy immediately sent men to encircle and suppress the nearby towns. In addition, faux ficus tree ,Faux cherry blossom tree, three thousand soldiers were urgently dispatched to survey the vicinity to find a suitable location for the establishment of the airport. Fortunately, there is a Japanese airport here. Although it has been abandoned by the Japanese, the basic facilities are still preserved. It is estimated that it is no problem to park more than 100 planes. The campaign to encircle and suppress the Japanese fishermen was greatly intensified. More than a thousand Chinese troops, armed to the teeth, were divided into several groups to search for and arrest Japanese civilians. These guys, completely a group of wild animals, with submachine guns hanging under their necks, daggers in their waists, big cotton-leather boots on their feet, and black cotton-leather clothes on their bodies, are all swaggering and arrogant. Generally speaking, it is not allowed to kill people casually, because we need labor to build airports, and the rest of the things are not required by discipline. Commander Bai Qiang's instructions were taken as an imperial edict by the officers. God, who doesn't know what it means? Then he's an idiot. Later, people learned that the officers and soldiers of the Chinese New Army had indeed done all kinds of bad things here, so that when all the Japanese mentioned it, they would have cramps on their heads and sweats on their foreheads, which was terrible. China's new army has gone too far. Otherwise, there will be other Japanese who have been waiting for the opportunity to perform to inform the Chinese. In less than an hour, it is estimated that this brave Japanese who slandered behind his back and actually introduced the situation truthfully at that time will be kicked through the gate by the Chinese and then rush in. First, the Japanese puppet troops, and then a Chinese adult who was so fat that his eyes almost narrowed, pointed and scratched, arrested the public enemy of the Japanese people, hung him from a tree and invited him to eat thin noodles (whips), and then tried to tease him until the guy was dying, and finally ate the noodles. Under the control of the Chinese New Army, the whole of Japan was later occupied and surrendered, and the Japanese puppet regime, which was single-handedly supported by the Chinese New Army, was subservient and became a tool of colonialism for the Chinese New army. Captain officer Zhang Mingli, often secretly known as Zhang Mingli, was originally an ordinary small hoodlum in Tianjin. Later, he joined the Chinese New Army in the wave of national revolution. With some courage and a bit of rascal, he actually got the position of captain company commander and was also a good player in the Marine Corps. This boy's quality, although can not say that the top of the head sores, the soles of the feet board pus, also not much difference. Anyway, as soon as this guy came up, he led the soldiers to swear: "Everyone, you are all brothers, the Chinese New Army is the most powerful army in the world, we are invincible in the world!"! Therefore, we must fight against the Japanese villains who despise us and are hostile to us. Promise not to be soft-hearted! Although in front of his superiors, the boy pretended to be very serious and well-behaved, in fact, once he had the opportunity, he was very presumptuous. This company, one hundred and forty men, was divided into an encirclement force of twenty men, and then fanned out. Wherever they went,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, they rummaged through boxes and cupboards, packed up their belongings, and looked for beautiful girls and beautiful daughters-in-law.

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