The Adventures of Lian Xin (Nu Zun Wen)

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Description: "Frightened?"? That What about your career and dreams? Didn't you say you wanted to turn Tingfeng Tower into one of the best night stars? ? You …… Did you give up like this? "Xiao Fei grabbed her excitedly and cried unhappily, but she wanted to be with Lian very much!"! She's going back to the mountains. What about her? What will she do in the future? Thinking of this, she pulled her even harder and asked her to give her an answer! "Oh, fool, listen to the wind floor at the end of the glass ah, ten years later, listen to the wind floor will also be one of the best buildings, I am not saying to stay on the mountain forever, if there is a chance, you can still come out to play!" Looking at Xiaofei's nervous appearance, she smiled! "Whew!"! I'm scared to death. In that case, I'll go back and pick up Rong'er and live with you. Xiaofei patted his chest and said shamelessly. Lian Xin gave her a sidelong glance. "Do you really think I owe you money?" "Hey, hey!"! So, at the worst, can't I bring money? Xiaofei touched his nose and was very aggrieved. Can't stand, even the heart is powerless to roll his eyes, eyes tired almost out of the window, well! She accepted her fate, she was really sure at this time, she must have accidentally owed Xiaofei something in her previous life, but also very important, so she is now coming to collect debts! But the heart has greatly refuted her feelings, because her heart is very fond of Xiaofei, with Xiaofei's participation, of course, she is happy,fake blossom tree, but this can not let Xiaofei know, otherwise she will not lose a lot of fun! Welcome the new life song Early in the morning, Wangxinyuan was in full swing, all of them were so busy that they turned upside down, not for anything else, because it was still dark today, even a roar of surprise from the heart put all her husbands in the house, down to all the boys and guards were almost frightened to the ground by her roar, and all of them got up in a hurry and ran to the backyard to find out without even putting on their clothes. Only then did they know that it was Tao Ye who was going to give birth,large ficus tree, but their omnipotent master was pulling his hair around Tao Ye, muttering to himself that he was going to give birth. But Tao Ye, who was ready to give birth, stood straight in the room, sometimes covering his stomach and frowning, sometimes rolling his eyes at their strange master! The boys were all dumbfounded and stood at the door at a loss. It was not until the other boys came in a hurry and knew the reason that they told the boys to do what they should do. All of a sudden, the boys who were crowded at the door were emptied. Xia rubbed his forehead and pulled the woman who was still turning around and said angrily, "What are you still turning around here?"? Hurry up and get ready! Really, where is her calmness and reason? Xia looked at Tao Ruofeng helplessly. Ah? Yes, I forgot it when I was nervous, Ruofeng. Ah, flow.. It's bleeding. With a bang, Lian Xin fainted gloriously! Tao Ruofeng rolled his eyes feebly again, and when he slept in the middle of the night last night, he suddenly felt a pain in his stomach, but it passed, so he didn't wake up Lianxin, who had been sleeping next to him since he was about to give birth, outdoor ficus tree ,faux grass wall, but just now his labor pains were more intense, and he accidentally made a low moan, and the woman beside him was woken up. As soon as she knew that he was about to give birth, she let out a scream, which frightened him so much that he almost lost his footing and fell out of bed again. She also attracted the boy in the house to run over hurriedly. After the woman called, she began to circle around him, which made him dizzy, and his eyes were full of circles and stars that kept shaking! He didn't understand why she was so calm when she went to deliver someone's baby. Had she not seen blood when she killed someone? But now, he is just broken water, this woman actually dizzy, he completely do not know whether to cry or laugh! "You go and lie down first. Don't stand here. I've just sent someone to ask for delivery." Xia caught the fainted heart, asked someone to take her out, and said to Tao Ruofeng, who was still standing. After a while, the man in charge of delivering the baby came, and the boys came in and out of the door one after another. Clouds, stars, Yan and the moon holding the child, are anxiously waiting outside the door, but has not heard any sound and noise inside! Moon and cloud stars looked at each other, eyes full of doubt, because he was the only person who had given birth to a child, so he knew how painful and uncomfortable it was to give birth to a child, but for so long, he did not hear a cry from Tao Ruofeng, he was very puzzled! And the cloud nervously protecting the stomach is also puzzled. Only Yan Yan looked at them with a confused look in her eyes. So, what's going to happen? Asked the star, frowning. When the month gave birth to a child, but called earth-shaking, the house is a mess! Why is it so quiet now? "It should be all right. Isn't Xia in there?" Yue gave the child to Shuang'er, who had just come to him, and said. I'd better go and see the heart! Yan answered lightly, then turned and walked to the other room. Watching him leave, the cloud and the star once again looked at each other, the water Yan cold personality has some understanding, so it is only a helpless smile! Great, great! Give birth, give birth. The door burst open, and a boy rushed out and ran up to them and shouted. Clouds, stars, the moon suddenly dumbfounded, how. Why did you give birth? Doesn't he hurt? They want to break their heads and don't know why! Shuiyan tightly held Lianxin's hand lying on the bed and sighed deeply! Lian Xin frowned slightly, slowly opened his eyes, saw lying on the edge of the bed asleep, but still tightly wrapped around her hand of the water Yan, she blinked hard, how to return a responsibility? How could she sleep here, and how could he be here? Her head stopped for a moment, then she jumped up and shouted, "Ah …" Ruofeng, child. Then she ran out like a gust of wind without looking at the man she had woken up! Shui Yan bit her lip, sat down on the bed slowly, and closed her eyes! Where are the people? What about Ruofeng? Lian Xin rushed into Tao Ruofeng's room, but did not see him. It was empty inside, and it was terribly quiet outside. She rushed out again like the wind, grabbed a boy and asked. Master,outdoor palm trees, Master Tao is a guest. The boy who was pulled was startled, and when he saw that it was Lian Xin, he patted his chest and said tremblingly. Guest house? What did he go to the guest house for? Isn't that where the guests sleep? Connect the heart at a loss.

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