She is in charge of Beauty [Showbiz eSports]

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Description: He looked at her ID and said in a faint voice, "I can take you to the king." Ye Wanwan was stupefied and then refused with a smile: "No, just take a few games. I can't bother you every day." Yan Shen looked at her smiling eyes and finally held back what he wanted to say. There were invitations from other people on her screen, but she ignored them all and chose the one sent by Yan Shen to confirm her acceptance. The group of teenagers were talking and laughing together at the moment, and did not pay attention to their side. Only Shangguan students waited for half a day, and found that Ye Wanwan's game status changed from online to in-game, and then to the opening minute. He couldn't help but look over and find that the two people had already started a sweet double row. Grasp the grass, captain, you are not kind, how can you take a small evening without saying a word. Before he had finished speaking, Zhou Yuxing covered his mouth and dragged him away directly with his height advantage. The two men found a corner and began to bite their ears: "Are you an idiot?" "Why do you curse when you have nothing to do?" "Don't you see that the captain is interested in Ye Wanwan? Do you still have to go over and be a third wheel to make you happy?" Shangguan Wen Yan startled, low lying trough 1. Think carefully, he joined the team for so long, Yan Shen's character and temperament is also a more thorough understanding. Their captain has always been ruthless, not to mention bringing girls and fans, even ranking with them at ordinary times is sometimes very disliked. Now Ye Wanwan is so enthusiastic, well, for Yan Shen,potassium sulphate fertilizer, this is already very enthusiastic-drinking the juice squeezed by others, teaching others to play games by hand, and opening a trumpet with people on the score. It's not just a ***ing "interested" thing! Zhou Yuxing tutted, "You just dared to call someone else Xiao Wanwan. Do you think you want to die?" Shangguan Sheng has no love: "I feel I'm going to be cold..." Zhou Yuxing patted him on the shoulder, a little bit of schadenfreude: "Cool is not enough, at most, our star team will implement the policy of free range on the road,Magnesium Oxide powder, and you will become a real orphan." Shangguan roars: "Gu your uncle!"! Then it's ***ing cold! Zhou Yuxing: "You speak well and scold others if you have nothing to do." They quarreled bitterly here, and Ye Wanwan's game was in full swing. Four with one is easy, but one with four is not easy. But Yan Shen's technology is beyond doubt, this chose a Li Bai to play wild, the opening anti-wild foot stepped on three buffs, holding two heads, fat. Ye Wanwan is still a small assistant. At the beginning, he obeyed the command and bought a gem to follow Li Bai's brother all the way. Shouldn't the assistant go down the road and follow the shooter? Ye Wanwan asked curiously. Descendants of the next road alone, just been taken by Hua Mulan's head, now just resurrected from the spring, a lonely man came to the line, looking very desolate. Yan Shen said, dap diammonium phosphate ,calcium nitrate sol, "There is no need for this bronze AD to assist. Just follow me." Ye Wanwan obediently said, "Oh," and obeyed the command of the big brother. He played wild and she also played wild. Anyway, she was not afraid of robbing the economy even if she produced a gem. Ye Wanwan this play is Zhuangzhou, riding Kun with a head hit, put skills will shake a shake, she felt some fun, accidentally staring at their heroes lost their minds. Then I heard a sudden "hiss" from Yan Shen. Ye Wanwan came to his senses and found that there was a red circle of light at Zhuangzhou's feet that should not have appeared on him. This is very embarrassing. I didn't see it just now, big brother, I was wrong. She quickly apologized. Yan Shen:.. Don't worry Zhou Yuxing just passed by behind them at the moment, glanced at the screen by the way, and was shocked to see the whole person behind the scenes. Don't worry The captain said it was okay!!!? Think of him Chen Shentangtang KPL strongest wild, the wild king father in the eyes of thousands of fans, who dares to touch the buff he likes? It is estimated that Ye Wanwan is the only one in the world who has robbed Yan Shen's monster and can still play games well here. Even Zhou Yuxing, the ADC, had to ask his opinion if he wanted to get red, and only after he got the approval did he dare to do it, not to mention that most of the time he could not get the approval. Thinking of this, he said a little sadly: "Captain, you make me very sad." The captain ignored him. At this time, if there is BGM, it must be "I am not the person you love most, why don't you speak.." Zhou Yuxing finally left in a very interesting way, without disturbing the sweet double row of his own captain and Ye Wanwan. Ah I'm dead. Ye Wanwan looked at the screen that suddenly turned gray and looked at Yan Shen with grievance. "That monkey killed me." Yan Shen just gave a hum and said nothing. After waiting for three seconds, Ye Wanwan looked down at the game screen again with a little disappointment, and saw the system prompt "Li Bai ends Sun Wukong". Then she heard the man's deep voice slowly ring out: "I have avenged you." At that moment, she did not know how to describe her mood. It was like a sudden heavy rain in the dry desert, the withered flowers bloomed again, the frozen lake melted into spring water, and the lake in her heart was rippling round and round. Ye Wanwan's face was hot and he was a little shy for no reason. After a game, she was busy admiring Li Bai's brother's heroism, watching him kill one person in ten steps, leaving no line in a thousand miles, and her heart was pounding fast. Wow, Yan Shen, you are so awesome! Ye Wanwan looked at his screen and saw that his output was more than 50%, and he sincerely boasted. The girl's voice was sweet and soft, and it hit his heart easily. Yan Shen has been playing e-sports for so many years. He has become famous at a young age and has won numerous champions, big and small. He has never heard of any praise, but she just said that his heart was about to melt. Big Brother Yan, who has never taken a younger sister,Magnesium Sulphate producer, took a younger sister for the first time today and found that it seemed to be a good feeling? The author has something to say: Yan Shen: It's cool to take a younger sister for a while, but it's cool to take a younger sister all the time. Chapter 10 ten nights. The time of playing games is always pleasant and short. After saying goodbye to Yan Shen, Ye Wanwan reluctantly returned to the opposite door.

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