Records of Chinese immortals and demons

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Description: But even so, the baby's patience has almost reached the limit, at this time is calculating, the white jade tea bowl is thrown in front of the piece of silk carpet several feet wide more momentum. Or is it more effective to hit the huge freehand landscape opposite? Fortunately, before she had finished thinking about it, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door. A beautiful woman who made people feel distressed came in. Although Lan Kou'er and others are all women, they can't help brightening at the moment. It is said that the fox women are extremely beautiful, but most of them are "gorgeous" in the world's evaluation, but this woman has a kind of floating temperament. But look carefully, there is still a natural charm in that delicate and pretty, but the eyes rippling like the spring lake can already make people crazy and irresistible. For the first time, the baby sees a beautiful woman who is not inferior to herself, but she can't get up with a little competitive heart in her heart. This woman gives others the feeling that she just wants to hold her in her arms and love her intimately, which is equally lethal to men and women. The woman was exactly Sisi. As soon as she entered the hall, everyone looked at her. Granny Hu saluted behind her and said, "This is the eldest granddaughter of our Fox King.". Miss Sisi. Smiling, the baby jumped down from the chair and ran to Sisi. He pulled her up and sighed, "I've been praised for my beauty since I was a child. I didn't know what a real beauty was until I saw my sister today." With a smile, he pulled her to his side and sat down. He looked at her carefully and spoke loudly in his mouth. Sister, you're welcome. Carefully looked at the baby, Si Si is also generally dumped by each other's appearance, the heart secretly praised. If the baby is compared to a delicate and beautiful but thorny rose, then Sisi is a daffodil out of the dust,water bottle packaging machine, two people are originally the same level of beauty. Sisi was born insipid and came here to see who could make Zhou Daoer fall in love with him in such a short time, but looking at the bright and lively girl in front of him, there was no hatred in his heart. A few people exchanged pleasantries for a while, and the baby made an appointment to go to the snow bamboo forest, which is known as the most beautiful place in the clan, to enjoy the moon in the evening. After that, Sisi retired. Originally, she didn't care about the affairs of the clan. It was just a courtesy to come forward. The rest of the matters were handled by Grandma Hu. As soon as Sisi left, the topic naturally turned to the Golden Emperor. In fact,liquid bottle filling machine, the arrival of the Golden Emperor was very secret. Grandma Hu did not see it with her own eyes, but the Fox King had given instructions before his retreat, so she knew a little about it. The Golden Emperor and the Fox King are both demons who refuse to obey the jurisdiction of the Fairy Mountain. They were good friends many years ago. In the battle between Izumo and Fairy Mountain, the Fox King wanted to help, but the Golden Emperor knew that the fighting capacity of the Fox Clan was low, and it was useless to go, so he only let them as backup. After the defeat of Izumo, the Golden Emperor escaped here. With an artifact of the Fox Clan, Fairy Mountain did not dare to attack for a while, but it was a pity that no one could summon the artifact, otherwise it would not be difficult to counterattack. At this time, the Golden Emperor was in the forbidden place of the Heavenly Pool, and was in seclusion with the Fox King, trying to subdue the artifact together. Darling listens, ask urgently: "When can that my father emperor leave a pass?" Granny Hu said with a wry smile, "How dare I ask more questions about my king and His Majesty the Golden Emperor? I think if I have achieved something, CSD filling line ,PET blow moulding machine, I should come out." Baobao frowned and said, "If you don't understand the details, won't it be far away?" Granny Hu said with a smile, "With the wisdom of the Fox King and His Majesty the Golden Emperor, it won't be long if they work together.". Your Highness can live in our fox clan temporarily. Although we are located in a remote place, there are many good scenery to enjoy. Your Highness and Miss Sisi feel like old friends at first sight. They play hand in hand and don't worry about loneliness. How about that? Before the baby could answer, Lan Kou interrupted and asked, "Before we came here, we had entered the Forbidden Area of Tianchi Lake by mistake. An expert took away all our magic weapons. I wonder if we can return them." Blue Kou son's God phoenix color feather is the golden emperor's magic weapon, give her is to protect the baby's safety, inexplicably was taken away, think about seeing the master, then do not know how to explain, the heart is naturally anxious. Granny Hu was stunned. "How many of you have been to the Tianchi Lake?" Lan Kou'er nodded and said, "We don't know the way to get here. We took the liberty to break into the Forbidden Area. Fortunately, the master didn't embarrass us too much. He just called out a red cloud and swept away all our magic weapons.". ” Granny Hu sighed, "This is the artifact. We call it the Treasure of the Heavenly Pool. This treasure has its own spirituality. What you call the superior is just the elder of the Forbidden Area of our fox clan. Even they can only borrow the power of the artifact, but they can't command it. Several magic weapons have been taken away by it.". In my opinion, it is only possible to get it back after the Golden Emperor and the Fox King have subdued it. Blue Kou son and others looked at each other, but at this time there is no other way, can only promise to come down. The baby is a child's heart, and soon she asked Grandma Hu to take her to find Sisi with a smile. Somehow, Sisi always felt that she was very congenial to the beautiful princess, and they soon became as good as sisters. Northern Barbarian Fox Clan Tianchi Forbidden Area On the calm lake, there was a sudden gust of wind, and a red light from bottom to top soared into the sky, piercing the sky in an instant. The sky seemed to be broken by its blow, and the rumbling thunder rolled in endlessly. Countless lightning filled the sky but did not fall, but soon, the lightning converged in the middle, forming a huge ball of dark blue light, which was full of electric light, and crashed down in the direction of the middle of the pool. A group of red gold, a group of red dazzling light jumped up from the bottom of the lake, accompanied by two long whistles, and went to meet the ball of light, but the angle was not positive, just rubbed beside the ball of light, after a loud clap of thunder, the ball was deflected by the top, along the track hit a towering mountain in the distance, and in an instant, the earth shook. The peak collapsed in a blinding whiteness. The ball of light deviated, and the red and golden light swayed down from the sky, which had become dark and invisible, and looked like it was going out at any time. When he fell to the ground, a tall, bearded man shook his body to show his shape, but it was the Golden Emperor, who was surrounded by a man in red with a high crown, a long beard,Edible oil filling machine, and a comely face. He wanted to be the Fox King. After that, the two men sat cross-legged on the spot without saying a word, as if they had been injured and were in urgent need of breathing.

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