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Description: Su Zhi does not want to let Ye Tang see his exhaustion, strong cheer up, "good ah, just brother is also hungry." Ye Tang pursed his lips, a little bitter in his mouth. I haven't felt this way in so many years. During the time of eating, Su Zhi tried to fall asleep several times, and Ye Tang lowered his head as if he didn't know anything and didn't see anything. When Su Zhi finished eating, Ye Tang said lightly, "Brother, I'm bored when I have no classes. I want to work to supplement the family income. What do you think?" Su Zhi showed a gentle smile on his face, "doesn't Tangtang have the salary of the supernatural group?"? These days, Tangtang fell asleep, and the salary of the supernatural group was also paid to Tangtang. Tangtang woke up now and should do more to make up for it. Let's talk about working in a few days. Anyway, my brother can afford to support you alone. "Brother, I'm awake now. I can share the pressure of life with you. Don't work too hard. Rest when it's time to rest." Chapter 1569 there is a newcomer in the supernatural group. Su Zhi promised with a gentle smile: "Well, my brother promised Tangtang that he would not let himself work too hard." Su Zhi had no idea that Ye Tang already knew that he was working many jobs outside, and even knew where he was working. She thought that her sister was simply worried about him and afraid of his hard work, so she offered to go out to work. Brother, I may have to repeat my freshman year. Ye Tang has not met Su Zhi today, so now I have the opportunity to tell Su Zhi. If she doesn't come back today, Su Zhi is so busy that she may not even have time to tell Su Zhi. Su Zhi was stunned, but in a trance, he remembered, yes,juice filling machine, his sister's studies have been wasted for such a long time, not to mention his sister's, even if it is his, it has been wasted a lot. Fortunately, his sister has got better, and he can put more energy into his studies in the future. That's all right. You've been absent for more than half a year, and I'm afraid you can't keep up with it no matter how much you study by yourself. It's better to go to class than to grope for yourself. Su Zhi knows that his sister is smart, but these professional knowledge in the university can not be fully understood by himself,plastic bottle making machine, so he still hopes that Ye Tang can read a freshman again. It's okay to go back to freshman year. Anyway, you can go out to practice and find a job after completing your credits in advance. Ye Tang has already made plans, and the impact of her freshman year again is actually not great, but it's just a year later to get her diploma. Now that Tangtang has made plans, his brother will fully support Tangtang. Su Zhi, as usual, no matter what decision Ye Tang makes, he will support it. Thank you, brother. Ye Tang's heart is warm, before what a person is good, a person is enough that kind of idea, completely because no one loves her, put her in the heart, when her backing. Now, she doesn't think it's good to be alone. How nice it is to have someone with you, to accompany you through the difficulties, to accompany you to happiness. By the way, PET bottle Mold ,water bottle packaging machine, brother, I will go out of the task of the supernatural group in my spare time tomorrow. Hao Ren and I are not here during this period, and I don't know how many tasks have not been dealt with. Before dealing with these tasks, I may be very busy. I will live in the school tomorrow, and I will not come back during this period. Ye Tang did not know what the situation of the supernatural group was like now, but only Luo Yuechen was left, and he was not very optimistic. You just woke up. Why don't you take a few more days off? The matter of the supernatural group is not urgent. After you and Hao Ren fell asleep for a month, a new person came to the supernatural group, who can help Luo Yuechen some. Su Zhi's eyebrows and eyes are full of disapproval, his sister, also too do not cherish their own body! "Don't worry, brother, I'm all right. I've been resting for months. I finally woke up. How can I do nothing?" Ye Tang was relieved to know that there was a new person in the supernatural group. Originally out of the demon hunting group, the number of people in the supernatural group was the least, and there were no new people. Before long, only Luo Yuechen and Hao Ren were really left. Xuanjie, Ye Tang must go there. Su Zhi saw that Ye Tang's spirit was really good, so he had to nod his head. "Well, you can go out on a mission, but it's too dangerous. You're not allowed to go. Even if you have to go, you have to ensure your own safety, do you know?"? And don't let yourself get too tired. Thank you, brother, I know all about it. "Ye Tang nodded earnestly.". Chapter 1570 break a bone and rest as long as you want. Su Zhi shook his head helplessly, turned around and went into his room, and when he came out again, he took a cell phone in his hand. I have been keeping your mobile phone for you, and I will use it every day to charge it with new electricity. Your brother hasn't read your news. Although, Su Zhi sometimes also can be curious, but knows this kind of peeking behavior is not good, if lets the younger sister know, perhaps also can be angry with him. Ye Tang took it and thanked him. "Thank you, brother." Ye Tang opened the password lock and clicked into WeChat first. WeChat, which has not been on for more than half a year, does not have many messages. Except for the group that has been releasing tasks, other chat boxes show that the last chat was nearly 200 days ago. Ye Tang crossed out the insignificant ones and then clicked into the WeChat group. As expected, there was one more person in the group. Looking at the head portrait and name, it was a strange name. As early as a few months ago, Ye Tang had been added to this account. Ye Tang withdrew first and agreed to the friend application. However, it prompted Ye Tang that the addition failed. Ye Tang blinked, may be the time to add too long, think about it, conveniently add that new person. The other party basically agreed in seconds, probably because he did not remember that he had added Ye Tang, and it was a question mark. Ji Xu:? Ye Tang did not return, quit and Ji Xu's chat box, point back to the group to see the task. Ye Tang looked up, part of it was completed, part of it was unfinished. Just go back to the bottom, Aitlo. Ye Tang: Let me have a look at the tasks that have not been completed recently. Luo Chenxu is busy, did not reply very quickly, but is Ji Xu bubbling. Ji Xu: So it's you,water filling machine, a teammate who has never appeared in the legend. I still wonder who added me. Ye Tang: Hello. Ji Xu: Hello, hello. Ji Xu heard that this is a girl, can not help but look forward to a little more.

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