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Description: Han Li sensed it very clearly. After saying these words, the woman's bright eyes flowed, as if she was quite interested in him. Han Li frowned inadvertently, but then the look remained the same. After tasting the fruit, the powerful elders of the three clans began to talk. Han Li let the silver old, Lv Luo two people and other people hide the opportunity to chat, has only rarely opened his mouth to sit quietly. Occasionally, when they talked about him, they just smiled and said nothing. But even so, because of Han Li's reputation, the old monsters of Baiqiaoyuan and Gujianmen still kept an eye on Han Li's every move, as if they wanted to see the depth of something. Just as the people in the hall were talking freely, the red light flashed at the entrance of the hall. After the light converged, a middle-aged monk in a purple robe appeared there. Middle-aged thick eyebrows, big eyes, momentum, one. As soon as the man appeared at the door of the hall, Feng and Ding immediately got up to greet each other. Elder Martial Brother Agni. The friends of Luoyunzong and Gujianmen have come. Are you ready for the ceremony? "Well, it's all arranged.". All Taoist friends can go to watch the ceremony. The middle-aged monk replied casually, but his eyes swept over the monks in the hall. At this time, the other monks also got up and saluted the man. After all, the other side is the elder of Baiqiao Courtyard, but they dare not neglect it. Brother Agni,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, you finally come out. I don't know if your sky fire will be promoted. After watching the ceremony for a while, the two of us will compete with each other. Jin Laoguai seemed to have some friendship with this man and said in a careless way. Hum! Forget it. Even though the power of my sky fire is not small, it is a whole realm away from you. What good can I get from fighting with you. You'd better find someone else. The old fire monster rolled his eyes and said grumpily. At this time, Elder Martial Brother Cheng also introduced Han Li. Old Agni was surprised that Han Li had advanced to the middle stage so quickly. Also in the heart greatly feeling shocked, unusual politeness to Han Li. Afterward, this hundred Qiao courtyard's big elder did not say is what nonsense, immediately invited several people to watch the ceremony to recognize the host ceremony. The others, however, had no opinion, and the party went out of the cave and came over the platform they had just seen. By this time, the nearby sky and the mountain wall were already empty, and in front of the huge pavilion. There are hundreds of disciples in the foundation period waiting there in several teams. In the front were more than a dozen monks of the period of making alchemy, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, standing side by side with awestruck faces. In front of these people more than ten Zhangs, but there is a strange style of stove tripod placed there. But this tripod diameter Zhang Xu, short flat square, above carves has the flame shape the mysterious decorative pattern, spreads all over the body. Strangely enough, there was nothing around the tripod at the moment, but the whole body was red. As long as you walk within ten feet of this thing, you can feel it in your face. But all this did not attract the attention of the monks, his eyes fell on a young man kneeling in the distance before the tripod. The man, who seemed to be young, knelt on a golden futon and chanted something in a low voice. But his face was not clearly seen because he was low down. In a twinkling of an eye, Han Li and others fell in front of the group of monks. After a commotion. The dozen or so disciples immediately gathered around and respectfully saluted. See Martial Uncle and Senior. Younger Martial Brother Yu has been bathing and worshipping for more than half an hour. After a while, we can open the furnace and hold the ceremony. After seeing the ceremony, the old man surnamed Fu came out of the group of Jiedan monks. Said respectfully to Han Li and others. I see. You go down first. The old fire monster nodded and took Han Li and others to stand in front of the crowd, gazing at the young man who was worshipping in front of them. Fiery Taoist friend. Is this the disciple who became an elixir in less than a hundred years? The aptitude is really extraordinary, and now there is Gankun Pagoda as the magic weapon of life to be cultivated. I'm afraid in another two or three hundred years, there will be one more yuan Ying Friar in your courtyard. Qiu Lao looked at the disciple carefully. Said suddenly. Hey hey, who can congeal yuan Ying, this is just a matter of chance. It's not necessarily that those who have good aptitude will be able to advance to the stage of yuan Ying. It's just that disciples with good spiritual roots have a greater hope. A disapproving look. Qiu Lao smiled faintly and said nothing more. The others were silent and did not speak. As soon as the disciples in the back saw that not only the Patriarch of this school was here, but also there were so many young monks, they were all very careful, and they didn't dare to breathe. In a twinkling of an eye, there was no other sound on the platform except the murmur of the disciple. Han Li listened a little, just an ordinary article worshipping heaven and earth, repeated recitation, and no special meaning. I don't know whether it was these old monsters who wanted to temper the disciple's mind, or whether there was such a strange rule in the ceremony of recognizing the Lord in Baiqiaoyuan. With the idea that these old monsters practice time in years, half an hour is a matter of blink of an eye. When Han Li estimated that there was not much time left in his heart, the fiery giant tripod, which had stopped steadily in front of him, suddenly trembled slightly, and then a clear sound came out leisurely from the tripod, and the light suddenly blossomed. The temperature near the giant tripod also rose sharply in a moment, and a circle of reddish heat waves, which were almost visible to the naked eye, rushed out in all directions. In front of Han Li and others are fine, the heat wave came after a flash of inspiration, simply indifferent. However, the later disciples in the period of foundation building and the period of making elixirs had their shields flashing to resist this extremely hot wind. As for the young disciple who was kneeling far away,Magnesium Oxide price, his body was lit up with a red mask, and he resisted the heat wave. The hot wind has passed. The disciple breathed a sigh of relief and finally raised his head and stared at the giant tripod with fiery eyes. It was a thin young man with a comely face who looked as if he were only twenty-seven or twenty-eight. So young to form a golden elixir, no wonder these elders of Baiqiaoyuan are willing to give such treasures as Gankun Pagoda to this person. Han Li could not help thinking like this in his heart. Chapter 865 of the fifth volume of the famous party. "The hour has come.". Deploy. Open the tripod! The old man surnamed Feng saw this scene. Shouted without hesitation.

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