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Description: However, a scene that Zhao Di did not expect appeared. In the blood mass of the body, unexpectedly spontaneously formed a mini five-claw blood dragon of the size of a foot, but also exudes the cold gas. This blood dragon, in any case, is not willing to enter the blood group of the demon body! This is the real dragon blood of Zhao's body refining, with the natural arrogant temperament of the real dragon, naturally refused to submit to the blood group of the demon body. Zhao helpless, can only play a chaotic gas, the blood dragon temporarily control in the side, and then the spirit of the blood group and the magic body fusion. This time, the fusion was much simpler, almost completed in the blink of an eye. Next, is the third step, is also the most tedious and meticulous step, based on the chaotic yuan Ying, recasting the body of chaos! As soon as Zhao's chaotic yuan Ying's little hand pinched the formula, it disappeared out of thin air, and the next moment it had moved to the side of the blood mass, and suddenly disappeared into the blood mass. Under the control of Zhao Diyuan Ying, the blood mass gradually grew into hands, feet, heads, and so on, and evolved into a human form, but it was still a blood-colored liquid mass. Small ash also with the chaos of Zhao yuan Ying action,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, there is no intention to leave Zhao. At the critical moment of recasting the body, Zhao Di could not take into account the small ash, but secretly hoped that the small ash must not make trouble! yuan Ying of Zhao Di jumped into the second jade jar under the wrapping of the human blood mass. The liquid in this jade jar, named Shengji Shenshui, is made by Zhao with the spirit of ten thousand trees, several kinds of precious herbs and two kinds of magic flowers in the demon world. The liquid in this jade jar is green and clear, emitting a strong fragrance of vegetation, refreshing. Zhao soaked in it for half an hour, and according to the secret of the wordless Heavenly Book,304 Stainless Steel Bar, after constant meticulous casting, finally on the surface of the blood mass, a large number of skin was born, almost in the form of a human body. But at this time of the physical body, the meridians are blocked, the five internal organs and six internal organs do not exist, the bones disappear, the head and five senses do not distinguish, from the completion of the chaotic body, there are still several steps. Zhao continued to immerse into the third jade jar, this jade jar, emitting a strong medicinal property, is the water to repair the pulse and dredge the collaterals, and an hour of intense magic, Zhao in this jade jar with the help of the body smoothly spread over the eight extra meridians. The fourth jade jar helps to temper the bones; the fifth jade jar helps to give birth to the internal organs. The liquid in each jade jar is of great help to the recasting of a certain part of Zhao's body. After three days and three nights, Zhao came out of the last jade jar, and finally his facial features were formed, initially forming a complete body. This physical body is completely recast based on the primordial infant of chaos. It is suitable for practicing the Qi of chaos. It is the body of chaos mentioned in the wordless Heavenly Book! Zhao to try to move the limbs, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,brushed stainless steel sheet, the basic is still free to manipulate, but now the physical body, whether inherited the number of powers of the magic body, is further, or loss, but it is difficult to estimate Zhao. At present, the body of chaos is still very weak, leaving little time for Zhao, unable to carefully investigate the rumors of the body of chaos, what are the incredible magical powers! He must immediately perform the exercise, trigger the celestial phenomena, impact the combination, and complete the third and final stage! Zhao took a look at the mini blood dragon, waved, a gray chaotic gas flew out, will not resist the blood dragon into the hands of a roll, and then Zhao stretched out a sword gas, cut his arm, immediately formed a wound several inches long, bright red blood outflow, blood surface also emitted a faint golden light. Zhao to move in the heart, from the blood point of view, at least the demon body after the bloodthirsty peak of the poison and other means, are still completely inherited. In theory, this method of recasting the physical body will not cause too much damage to the physical body as long as the auxiliary method is appropriate, but no one can predict what will happen. Zhao grabbed the mini blood dragon and clapped his hand into the wound on his arm. Then there was a flash of gray in the wound. The wound healed in the blink of an eye, leaving no trace. This practice is too rude, but it also saves valuable time. This true dragon blood, he has already refined from the heart, at this time the body recast, but also do not need to re-refine again, as long as the blood dragon into the meridians, this true dragon blood will naturally gradually integrate into the eight extra meridians. True dragon blood is only a spontaneous resistance to the demon body, but this newly cast chaotic body, true dragon blood has no intention of resisting. In the Dantian of Zhao, Xiao Hui is very happy to play in it. Obviously, this new chaotic body makes it more satisfied! "Open the Magic Deep and the Fountain of the Spirit Eye!" Zhao Di whispered to Youlan Youruo, "Meng Li, I'm going to mobilize a lot of spirits and demons for my husband. You can go back to the Tower of Babel to take shelter." "Yes!" Gui Nu Er Nu removed the forbidden array on the Magic Deep and the Fountain of the Spirit Eye in the main hall, and then entered the Tower of Babel. Husband even the body of chaos can be cast, the bottleneck of this combination, must not be difficult for husband! Yun Mengli smiled and followed the two girls into the Tower of Babel. Suddenly, in the hall, the spirit and the evil spirit all gushed out. And Zhao, is sitting in the center of the hall in midair, kept playing a strange method, will be around the breath, whether it is Reiki or magic gas, all income body! It is not only the spring of the two spiritual eyes and the magic abyss, but also the essence of Reiki in Qimen Cave Mansion, which has been mobilized by Zhao in large quantities. His newly created Chaotic yuanying and Chaotic Body, like a bottomless abyss, greedily devour a large number of Reiki and Magic Qi, and gradually merge them into Chaotic Qi to increase the true yuan and nourish the body! "The body of chaos of the elder and the younger generation has been formed, and it is about to impact the realm of integration. If we don't open the ban of Xianfu now, when will we wait?" With a loud shout,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, Zhao's voice penetrated the ban and spread all over Qimen Xianfu. Volume 10 The Treasure of Chaos Chapter 794 The Combination of Spirit and Demon (Part Two) "The legendary body of chaos was really refined by him!" Liuji Zhenren, who was meditating somewhere in the valley, stood up with a look of disbelief when he heard Zhao's drinking. This guy is really lucky! Liuji Zhenren shook his head with envy and surprise and murmured softly. sxthsteel.com

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