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Description: "Boom-" When Li Qiye smashed the stone tablet, the stone tablet smashed the first gold of heaven and earth. Fortunately, Li Qiye had a quick eye and a quick hand, and caught the first gold of heaven and earth. " It's a treasure. Don't fly away. Li Qiye caught the gold of heaven and earth all of a sudden and said excitedly. Gulu-Gulu-Gulu- "There was a sound of drinking water. When Li Qiye caught the precious gold of heaven and earth, the stone tablet sank into the pool and blocked the spring. Something even more incredible happened. The stone tablet was swallowing the water of all things in the pool crazily. Under the crazy swallowing of the stone tablet, the water of all things in the pool dropped at a very fast speed!"! "What the hell-" Li Qiye looked at the stone tablet crazily sucking the water of all things in the stars. He was dumbfounded all of a sudden. His Pantheon furnace was so amazing that he couldn't bear to drink a mouthful of water of all things in the world. However, this broken stone tablet was crazily drinking the water of everything in the stars. When it was drunk, the water seemed to be boiled water, and it was not difficult to drink at all. " No, leave me a little, and I'll see if my body can bear the stars and the water! Li Qiye, who was in a daze, came to his senses and immediately cried out. However, at this time, the stone tablet drank the last bit of water from the stars, leaving only a dry pool. Looking at this scene in front of him, Li Qiye wanted to cry without tears, stars and water, not to mention a pool, even if a cup spread out, it would make the nine realms crazy, and even the true God would climb out of the grave! However, this broken stone has swallowed up a whole pool of stars and water! If he can get a pool of stars and water, enough for him to spend crazily, to that point, he does not want to sweep the world a little difficult! "Damn, I think I am the most prodigal person, the most extravagant person, but I didn't think that your broken stone is a thousand times more prodigal than me!" Li Qiye looked at the dry pool and wanted to cry without tears. Jumping into the pool, Li Qiye kicked the stone tablet with his foot and scolded, "Get out of the way. Don't block the spring. See if there is any water flowing out of the stars." However,Vending Machine Motor, Li Qiye did not kick away the stone tablet, but with a "click" sound, the stone tablet was broken all over the floor. When the stone tablet was broken, a stone egg was exposed. The stone tablet was only a little smaller than the stone tablet. Moreover, the stone egg in front of him was not lost. It looked like a worthless thing. Egg- "After seeing the stone tablet cracked, Li Qiye was dumbfounded. The stone egg ash in front of him did not slip away. It looked inconspicuous at all." It's not that you suck all the stars and all the water. Li Qiye was a little confused and murmured, "I really saw a ghost today!" Li Qiye came to his senses and looked at the stone egg in front of him. He was dumbfounded and said, "I thought the stone could give me an eternal life, but when the broken stone opened, it gave me a stone egg. This is too outrageous. I'm not a hen!" Despite Li Qiye's complaint, he knew in his heart that the stone egg had swallowed all the stars and water, and that the stone egg was absolutely great. Li Qiye hugged the stone egg with both hands and shouted, "Get up for me." "Boom-" a loud noise, the stone egg is like a cannon, together with Li Qiye suddenly into the void. My God, where are you going to send me? Being thrown out at once, Micro Gear Motor ,brushless gear motor, Li Qiye took a silly look and held the stone egg tightly. The ancient city of heaven, today's ancient city of heaven is a calm, because after the end of the nether world ship, the vast majority of the great religious countries have begun to withdraw from the ancient city, and there are not many monks left. In the cave of the mansion of the Nine Holy Demons Gate in the ancient city of heaven, the atmosphere seemed to be depressed, whether it was Li Shuangyan or Red Cloud, they were not happy. It has been twenty days since Li Qiye left on the boat of the nether world, but there has been no news of Li Qiye. Needless to say, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao were worried. They prayed for Li Qiye. They hoped that Li Qiye could create a miracle again and return safely from the nether ship. They still had confidence in Li Qiye, but their hearts were still weak. After all, this is the ship of the nether world. For thousands of years, very few people can return alive from the ship of the nether world, unless they choose the right person to live on the ship, the kind of dying person. However, this is not the case with Li Qiye. As for Tu Buyu, when they heard that Li Qiye had boarded the ghost ship, they were silly for the first time, which was the craziest thing they had ever heard in their lives. Big Brother is sure to return triumphantly! Nan Huairen vowed that he was full of confidence in Li Qiye! However, when twenty days passed, Li Qiye still did not return. At this time, not to mention other disciples, even Nan Huairen, who had always been full of confidence in Li Qiye, began to feel uneasy in his heart. Among them, the most reassuring one is Niu Fen, who once went on an expedition to the deepest part of Tiangu Corpse Land and murmured, "Tiangu Corpse Land can't stop his return!" As for Chiyun, the elders of the Nine Holy Demons are even more anxious, and the elders of the Nine Holy Demons are far more anxious than worrying about Li Qiye's safety! They nine holy demon door to the God of war under the guarantee, this time buried in the nether world ship, although is Li Qiye and the God of war temple to make a deal, but, they nine holy demon door threw down a huge capital to make a guarantee, in order to make this guarantee, even their demon emperor left in the temple of war, in case Li Qiye really can't come back, that is really a big trouble! Even many of the veterans of the Temple of War did not leave, they still stayed in the ancient city, they are waiting for the news of Li Qiye, they also want to see if Li Qiye can come back alive from the ship, if Li Qiye can come back alive from the ship, then they have more confidence in this transaction. Twenty days have passed! Inside the mansion, Chen Pao-chiao sat by the window, holding her cheeks and looking at the horizon! Chen Baojiao can be said to be a training madman, even if she is a peerless beauty, she is still a training madman, training up, more crazy than anyone else, to work hard! No matter when,small geared motors, she will not waste time, as long as there is time, she will practice. ichgearmotor.com

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