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Description: Sun Kun, not far away, bit the tip of his tongue mercilessly at the moment, and his eyes showed a lot of blood. In the trembling of his dwarf's body, he made a sharp sound, which had an amazing penetrating power. While being roared out by him, his body trembled violently and withered rapidly, such as all its vitality and essence, which became the nutrient of the sharp sound. As soon as the sharp sound came out, Jing Nanzi's body suddenly paused in midair, and his mind suddenly buzzed, like a sharp thorn piercing into the general, into the ears buzzing. It was at this time that the claw of Long Li's half-human and half-animal body was fiercely grasped in the chest of Jing Nanzi. Under Tian Lin's twisted look, there were branches growing out of the fingertips of both hands, like a drill bit into the body of Jing Nanzi. But also in this moment, one side of a honeycomb cave, came a buzzing roar, Su Ming's body suddenly rushed out of the honeycomb cave, it is he who followed the breath of the people, at this moment. Four people were scattered at the beginning, now is the first time to gather together again, but there is no time to catch up, Su Ming just flew out, the cave behind him on a bang,PET blowing machine, red silk tide like a volcanic eruption, erupted from the cave. I know how to seal the land of Red Fire Hou. Take me and I'll show you the way! Sun Kun was the first to speak in a shrill voice. Almost at the same time as he spoke, Su Ming flashed closer, grabbed his body, and went straight to a beehive cave on the opposite side. Tian Lin and Long Li did not hesitate to follow him, regardless of the injuries in their bodies. As for Jing Nanzi, he was first stabbed in the mind by Sun Kunqi's voice, and then hit by Long Li. Tian Lin shot crazily, but he was profound after all,bottle blowing machine, and soon recovered. Before those red filaments came, he went straight to the place where Su Ming and others were leaving at the moment. But almost as soon as his body shook, Su Ming suddenly turned around and threw something out of his right hand before stepping into the cave. Eight-color flow, it is Su Ming's eight-color spar, this spar appears, a bang on the collapse, the formation of a static soul force, so that the body of Jingnanzi can not help a meal! The price of this meal is the boundless tide of red silk, which permeates it in an instant. It's exhausting to fight the disease. Sometimes I think how good it would be if I could become a monk, something like a virus, a cultivation in my body, and kill all of them directly. Volume IV Rise of the Divine Source Chapter 782 Fifth Hades Covenant But no matter Su Ming or several other people, all know clearly that these red filaments, even they themselves, have a way to avoid or escape from the chaos, not to mention that this repair is stronger than them, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,PET blow moulding machine, reaching the true guard in the middle of the world. () Can only be trapped for a while, but never too long, the other side will rush out to pursue. At this moment, time is precious, there is no waste, Sun Kun in order to save his life, when he was caught by Su Ming galloping, he quickly opened his mouth to tell him the way he had found. With Sun Kun, who had been to the core of the seal, leading the way, Su Ming started all his speed and roared away in the honeycomb passage. Long Li and Tian Lin were seriously injured behind him, but they gritted their teeth to follow. After all, once they were left behind, the end would be death after being caught up by Jing Nanzi. A wick of incense time passed quickly, Su Ming carrying Sun Kun is shuttling at full speed, his ear heard a distant stuffy roar, more Beijing Nanzi overbearing incomparable pressure, from the distance to spread. Su Ming's face changed slightly, and the speed was faster. Later, Long Li and Tian Lin looked more gloomy and pale. The two of them understood that Jing Nanzi was out of trouble, and now they were rushing after him. The core position is in the front, along this passage, there is less than five hundred feet of distance! Sun Kun's face was bloodless, and when he spoke in a quick shrill voice, Su Ming's whole body turned into a wind. Whoosh! Five hundred Zhangs distance, Su Ming seems to move by, but actually his body in that extreme speed, living through the nihility, rushed out of five hundred Zhangs, Su Ming appeared from this passage in a very majestic open cave. The cave was so big that it had a radius of tens of thousands of feet. In the middle was a purple and black magma. In the center of the magma, there was a skeleton with three sharp swords on its body. Almost at the same time as Su Ming arrived, a stuffy heat hit his face. After breathing, it seems that the body will burn from inside to outside. Su Ming stood in the air. When his eyes swept over here and condensed on the bones in the purple and black magma, he came into the passage behind him. Long Li and Tian Lin also turned into two Changhong, at the moment roaring out, standing beside Su Ming. After seeing everything around them, they gasped. Red Fire Hou! "This skeleton must have been sealed here for an unknown number of years. The alien race overhauled the Red Fire Marquis!" When Long Li and Tian Lin looked at the purple and black magma skeleton, Su Ming's eyes shrank sharply, and his mind was shocked. After he came to the sealed place, he felt the gaze many times. Now he was looking at the moment of the skeleton, and the moment of the skeleton's eyes. (Full-text novels are updated the fastest.) The feeling of being watched suddenly reappears. This feeling is extremely strong, so strong that Su Ming can immediately judge that not only the eyes that looked at him outside before belong to this skeleton. Even now. The eyes of the skeleton, which looked at him, seemed to contain a great vitality. When people are shocked, if they want to be in thousands of illusions. Only by opening all the seals of this alien overhaul is the only way for us to fight against Jingnanzi! Tian Lin held his chest, the corners of his mouth overflowing with blood, and his voice was hurried. But how can we completely open the seal of this alien overhaul? Sun Kun was released by Su Ming before, but now he has been restored by the power of the boundary here, and he said in a hurry. Longmou. Know, take down the boundary stone, can let the seal here is not in balance, thus appear completely broken, unfortunately I was taken out before,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, was seriously injured by Zhenwei, otherwise the seal would have been broken at this moment. I remember the location of the boundary stone. I need time. If you can hold Jingnanzi for some time, I am 70% sure that I can take down the boundary stone and let the seal collapse. Long Li gasped violently and immediately opened his mouth hoarsely.

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