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Description: The good mood didn't last long. Turning to the last page, an old man the size of a thumb was holding a broom and sweeping the dust on the register. Book spirit. Gong Yilin frowned. The chance of the birth of the book spirit was very small, only one in a billion. The last time he had seen the book spirit was on the first day of his arrival in Tianyuan. Qinghe had a book in his arms, in which the book spirit had been born. The booklet in his hand, which recorded the list of the major Tianjiao, was very new in paper, and should have been produced recently, so it was impossible to give birth to the existence of the book spirit. Gong Yilin looked at the little old man in gray carefully and felt that he looked familiar. He picked up the little old man with two fingers and put it in front of him. "It seems to be beside the old man." The little old man looked at him coldly, a broom on his finger, a red mark immediately appeared, Gong Yilin did not have any anger, loosened his finger, the little old man's foot touched the paper, immediately bowed his head to do his own thing. This kind of attitude, and supercilious eyes, "Gong Yilin curled his lips," is definitely an old man. " The old man in his mouth was his master, the ancestor of picking stars. Although he looked like he was in his early forties, when he thought of the time the old man had lived,86 smart board, Gong Yilin really couldn't treat him as a middle-aged man against his will. Tell me, Master, what did the old man ask you to do? Confirming that it was his master's side, Gong Yilin lost his interest in research in an instant and asked symbolically. Unworthy disciple, Master Da Biqian will return to the school as soon as possible. I forgot to tell you a word before I left. I need you to bring it to Brother Jiu. Leng Bangbang looked up and repeated what his master had told him. The little old man never looked at Gong Yilin again and concentrated on doing his own thing. Master, did the old man really say that? The little old man ignored him. Gong Yilin did not insist on asking questions. He believed that a small book spirit would not dare to pass on the old man's orders. He took out a small square box from his storage bag, in which a mask as thin as a cicada's wing was neatly placed. "With the glass handkerchief,interactive boards for classrooms, it was an excellent opportunity to infiltrate Nalan's house. It's a pity to leave now." Counting the days, if the Royal Sword goes back and forth, it will take at least four days without stopping. When we get to Nagato again, we can only catch up with the alchemist. There is no difference between losing the opportunity and missing the opportunity. At present, the situation of Nagato is not clear. Old friends come in droves. It is not his style to do nothing. If he could come back two days earlier, there would be a chance to make up for it. "Gong Yilin thought about it, but he didn't think of a reasonable plan. Suddenly, he pounded the table and looked at the hard-working book spirit. His eyes brightened.". You should know that every book spirit is well-educated, their minds can accommodate almost all the knowledge in the world, and the questions that need to be answered are simple and convenient. Lowering his head, Gong Yilin approached Ce Ling. "I have a question to ask you." Ce Ling did not make a sound, and Gong Yilin continued to say, "From Nagato to Shimen, how can we complete a round trip in two days? Is there a good flying instrument to recommend?" If there is, 65 inch touch screen ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, find a way to steal it and borrow it. The essence of flying instruments is driven by the power of monks. Human power is limited, and flying instruments naturally have limits. They travel ninety thousand miles a day. Even top-grade treasures do not have such abilities. Hearing this, Gong Yilin was inevitably disappointed. If you want to complete a round trip in two days, the flying machine can't do it. There is only one way. Gong Yilin's intuition was hard to achieve, so he still asked, "What kind of way?" "In this world, there is only one race that can soar to ninety thousand miles, day and night, and stand shoulder to shoulder with the sky." Gong Yilin was stunned, "you mean." "The Kun Peng clan," said the book spirit lightly, "only they have this ability." Riding a Qinghe back to the school? Gong Yilin quickly rubbed his face with his hands. The picture was so beautiful that he dared not even think about it. After asking the questions, please close the booklet. Dust will accelerate the aging of the paper. The little old man stopped sweeping the floor and looked at him disapprovingly. Gong Yilin closed the roster, put it aside, and immediately fell into deep thought. Now there is a way, but whether it is worth trying is the key to the problem. His eyes lingered on the glass handkerchief. It was a pity to give up such a good chance to get close to the Nalan family. The alchemist wanted to find out as much as possible what kind of treasure the Nalan family would display in the name of the Du family at the last exhibition. Although it was also a big house in front of him, it was a far cry from what Li Xingzong had bought before. The latter was decorated like a palace, but in front of him were trees, weeds, and wild flowers competing to grow. Everywhere was full of vitality, less elegant and more wild. Gong Yilin had just come here before a wick of incense. At that time, he was just a wisp of primordial spirit summoned. He did not pay attention to the surrounding environment. Now that he was here, he paid more attention. There was still a line of footprints beside the bushes in front of him. The mud had not completely dried up. It was obvious that it had happened not long ago. Someone came to the Qinghe after he left, and just now, the man left. Gong Yilin could not help speculating who was looking for the Qinghe so late, and reason told him that it should be Wei Zhi, but it was not without other possibilities. He took a few steps forward, standing dozens of meters away from the door, did not knock, with Qinghe strength, I am afraid he just stepped in here, the other side has been clearly aware of. Come in, please A deep voice came from inside. Only then did Gong Yilin step in, push the door open and Qinghe just stand by the window, the moon and stars are rare, and there are shadows on the paper window. This is just the place where he had stayed, and it was here that he laid the most exquisite fantasy he had mastered. As for being cracked in the end, Gong Yilin's mood was somewhat complicated. First, he felt'worthy of being a Qinghe, as expected ', and then he gave birth to some regret after the fantasy was cracked. I don't think you left anything here. Two people are silent, it is Qinghe that opens a mouth first unexpectedly. Gong Yilin's expression soon returned to normal. He went straight to the window and stopped beside the Qinghe. "This kind of second visit," he said seriously,touch screen interactive whiteboard, "can you call it returning to the door?" Whenever Gong Yilin put on this expression, the words he said could basically be equated with nonsense, and Qinghe he did not delve into the joke of Gong Yilin's words.

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