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Description: She stared at him, and he turned away. "Come and read the script when you've had enough rest." Zhou Yining stared at his back in surprise, followed him with shining eyes, followed him all the way to his lounge, and hugged him from behind as soon as he entered the door? Haven't we been right? Ji Dongyang smiled, pulled out his arm from his waist, and turned around to stare at her: "Didn't you see it many times just now?" Zhou Yining: ".." She brushed past again. "I have a stomachache." Ji Dongyang remembered the pale appearance of her face just now, and his expression softened a little. He put his hand on her lower abdomen. "Does it hurt here?" She nodded. "Well, it hurts." In fact, it doesn't hurt so much, but she likes to see him like this, which is really rare. Ji Dongyang pursed his lips, pressed his hand lightly on her lower abdomen, and soon took his hand back, turned around and took a sip of the coffee on the table. Zhou Yining suddenly hugged him from behind. The coffee cup was shaken by her and spilled out a lot. It just splashed on Ji Dongyang's white shirt, which was changed for filming. He stared at the brown stain on his shirt and slowly put down the coffee. Pull out her hand again, turn around and face her,White Marble Mosaic, let her see her masterpiece. Zhou Yining: ".." She didn't expect this. Apologize at once: "I am not intentional!" Ji Dongyang knew she didn't mean it, so he exhaled lightly: "Forget it, change one later." Zhou Yining shrunken mouth, "are you angry?" "No." It's just a shirt. It's not necessary. The author has something to say: Refill ~ Drive a toy car [doge], I did one thing today, happy! Send everyone 200 small red envelopes, Mada (~ 3 ~) La-la-la has another gay friend "a Ning'er" to open a new article,grey marble slab, pet sweet article! Just look at the title of the book, "Spoil you into the bosom". If you are interested, just poke it. Copywriter: In the comic industry, there are many rumors about Qiao Yu. It is said that he is tall, leggy and handsome, and it is said that he and his friends in the online literary world are real friends. For these rumors, Xia Tong and Qiao Yu mixed after a period of time, she felt that what she said was true. Until one day, he put her on the workbench and kissed her. Xia Tong: Are you worthy of him? Qiao Yu: I remember saying that I have a normal sexual orientation. Xia Tong: Oh, I thought you were shy to say that. Qiao Yu: Shy? How interesting Xia Tong: You.. What are you doing! Just talk. Why do you take off your clothes! Web < INPUT TYPE = button VALUE = OnClick = window. Open ( "xet/onebook. PHP? Novelid = 2769824") > Mobile < INPUT TYPE = button VALUE = OnClick = window. Open ( ".jjwx/book2/2769824") > Chapter 44 When Ji Dongyang walked out of the lounge, Zhou Yining followed him with his head down and slipped back to his lounge from behind him. Ming saw the stain on his shirt and said in surprise, "Brother Dong, Marble Projects ,Pietra Gray Marble, your clothes are dirty!" Ji Dongyang's expression remained unchanged: "The coffee was spilled." Costume division looks, hurriedly: "East elder brother comes with me, change again, prepared 3 pieces fortunately." Ji Dongyang nodded and went to change his clothes. A Ming muttered behind him: "I've never seen Dongge spill coffee on himself for so many years.." When everything was ready, Wei Zhong shouted to start shooting again. Lu Yanzhou sat in his office, wearing a white shirt, with his back to his desk, a pair of rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose, no expression on his face, holding a book in his hand, with long fingers, turning a page carelessly. Footsteps came from far to near, and the door opened with a "click". Lu Yanzhou turned and looked at the young girl in front of him, slightly stunned, "sit down." Pei Kite sat down in front of him and looked at him. "Dr. Lu." Lu Yanzhou likes to go straight into the subject, and he believes that the girl in front of him is the same, so he opens his mouth directly: "What do you like to do most?" "Break things.". ” "What else?" "Drink, smoke, dance, ***." "What do you want to do?" "Kill people." She said this calmly, without a trace of temperature in her eyes, as cold as saying that the weather was fine. The eyes are empty and far-reaching. Lu Yanzhou stared at her for a few seconds, slowly bending the corners of his mouth, "who to kill?"? Yourself? Pei Kite's calm eyes finally had a wave. Then, she pulled out the chair and turned to leave. The door closed with a "bang". Lu Yanzhou waited for a few seconds. The door was pushed open again. Pei Kite leaned against the door frame and stared at him from a commanding position. He laughed so hard that he said, "Dr. Lu, will you go to my house tonight?" Lu Yanzhou laughed and shook his head. "You should sit down and talk to me." Pei Kite still smiled: "You just looked at me with amazing eyes and thought I was beautiful, didn't you?" Lu Yanzhou turned to face her, "I will not have sex with my patients." …… Wei Zhong finally shouted "pass", Zhou Yining pursed the corners of his mouth, took the hot water from Zhang Ran, held it in his hand and looked at Ji Dongyang. Just now, it was just a small fragment of Pei Kite. She was a fashion designer who became famous at the age of 18. She had won many international awards in recent years, but her life fell into darkness, emptiness and hopelessness.. I don't know what a brilliant life is like. I don't know what burning youth is like. Zhou Yining lowered his head and turned away. Shen Yanjun has not left, this is the first time he saw Zhou Yining acting, did not expect her acting so good, just now she, but let him feel very strange. After this scene,Carrara Marble Slab, Zhou Yining had another scene in the evening. There was a long waiting break at noon. Shen Yanjun asked her, "Have lunch together at noon?" Zhou Yining: "No, the crew has a box lunch." She can eat with Ji Dongyang. forustone.com

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