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Description: Xuanyuan listened and kept silent, but there was a strange brilliance blooming in the eyes of the evil pupil. One fine day, Mo Ge was watering in the yard. Chun Er came in and whispered in her ear for a moment. Mo Ge's lips slowly showed a cold and evil smile. She washed her hands and went to the Lixue Palace with a smile. In the imperial garden, she happened to meet Mei Fei and Lin Zhaoyi who were enjoying the flowers. She invited them to visit Li Fei together. Mo Ge's smiling smile was like a spring breeze, but they felt their backs covered with coldness, and the cold wind was blowing, and they followed her to the Lixue Palace. Li Fei was now sleeping on the bed in fear, her gorgeous face pale as frost, trembling with fear, forbidding the palace ladies to approach. Except for the two ladies who were close to her, the other ladies in the Lixue Palace looked at each other and were completely at a loss. They thought she was pregnant and emotionally unstable. At this time, it happened that the palace maids reported to Xuan Fei, Mei Fei and Lin Zhaoyi for a visit, which was like a thunderbolt and even more cold sweat. She claimed that she was ill in bed and asked Xiao Ping beside her to block them back. Unexpectedly, Mo Ge scolded them with a sneer and went into the inner hall. She was so frightened that Li Fei's face changed greatly and she hugged the quilt subconsciously. Usually when she saw Moge, she was either acerbic or sarcastic, but she had never seen her so afraid. Mei Fei and Lin Zhaoyi both looked at her pale face in puzzlement. Li Fei, are you not feeling well? Look at you, you look so bad! Mo Ge stood beside the bed and seemed to look at her sarcastically as she hugged the quilt, but her face was worried. You go back, this palace is tired, want to rest! Li Fei forced herself to say calmly. Mo Ge said with a smile, "Empress Li Fei, are you guilty?" "What do you mean?" Li Fei,face recognition identification kiosk, who was already guilty, was scared out of her wits by Mo Ge's words and reflexively retorted with a sharp voice! "Concubine Li, if you have something to say, it's not good to move the dragon fetus. Chun'er, go to the Imperial Hospital and find the imperial doctors to show Concubine Li. She seems to be not feeling well!" Mo Ge said coldly, glancing at Li Fei maliciously, and her eyes were as cold as frost. Don't go! Li Fei drank, but Chuner ignored, she is the person of Mo Ge,digital signage screen, naturally only listen to Mo Ge's command, Li Fei was shocked, hurriedly uncovered the quilt, got up to stop. "Ah.." Mei Fei and Lin Zhaoyi shouted in surprise and looked at her bed, only to see a touch of bright red flowers on the pink sheets, which seemed to be. The air in the room instantly congealed, cold and frightening, all the confused eyes have swept to Li Fei, at the moment Li Fei's face is more pale as paper, petite body trembling in the wind, such as autumn leaves falling. It was too late to cover up. She lost all her strength and all her courage in an instant. Sunflower water. How can a pregnant woman not be surprised to have sunflower water? Mo Ge looked at the bed sheet with a flat face and swept to one side of the trembling Concubine Li. She said, "Concubine Li really moved the dragon fetus. You have to let the imperial doctors take a good look at it. If a woman is not well conditioned when she is pregnant, she will have the possibility of leaking the fetus. Especially in the first three months, you should take care of her more carefully. Concubine, hurry back to bed and wait for the imperial doctor to treat you!" What she said was so reasonable that the pale princess raised a sense of hope and asked uneasily, "Is that true?" "Of course!" Mo Ge laughed, facial recognization camera ,temperature scanning kiosks, as if to appease her surprise, no one saw that her eyes were hidden in the dark. Li Fei sat back on the bed in fear, doubting what Mo Ge had said, ignoring why she suddenly appeared here, and lying on the bed waiting for the arrival of the imperial doctor. Get up early in the morning, the side of Xiao Ping Xiao Ying saw the blood on the sheets are frightened, Li Fei did not dare to summon the doctor, clearly diagnosed with pregnancy, she did not fake, medical skills are brilliant, there can be no misdiagnosis, if she is not pregnant, that is, he was bribed. But, impossible, her father once secretly took a folk doctor to feel her pulse, it is really happy pulse, how can there be sunflower water? She was thinking about how to deal with this matter, Xuan Fei and Mei Fei Lin Zhaoyi arrived, even more confused her already shocked heart. Lying on the bed with a pale face, she felt something was wrong, and as soon as something came out of her mind, Chuner had already led the imperial doctor in. Ma Yuyi, Lin Zihuai and Zhang Yuyi are all the top doctors in the Imperial Hospital. Lin Zihuai glanced at the jasmine song next to him and frowned lightly. Li Fei refused to reach out, determined not to let them feel the pulse, if not pregnant, then she committed the crime of deceiving the king, no one found today, she can also quietly let cause abortion, can also frame Xuan Fei. If you were diagnosed today.. God, she couldn't imagine how miserable her fate would be. Mo Ge said with a gentle smile, "Empress Li Fei, you'd better let the imperial physicians feel your pulse. You don't want the emperor to come and treat you in person, do you?" As soon as her face changed, she forced herself to calm down and said, "The body of this palace has always been conditioned by the royal doctor Ma. It's all right for the royal doctor Ma to treat it." Mo song nodded, motioned to the horse doctor to come forward, for Li Fei pulse, with a cold smile. Sixty years old doctor came forward in the cold smile of Mo Ge, tied a red thread on Li Fei's wrist, Mo Ge laughed in his heart, if this is an emergency, this speed of dawdling, what else can people die. For a moment, the old doctor's breathing was so heavy that everyone could clearly feel his panic and horror. Cold sweat began to drip quietly from the old doctor's forehead, down his cheeks, leaving traces of panic. Ma Taiyi, how is Li Fei's body? Moge asked with a smile. Doctor Ma was cold and sweaty. After all, he was a man who had been in the palace for a long time. He soon calmed down and said, "Empress Hui Xuanfei, Empress Li Fei just moved the dragon fetus a little. She can take good care of herself carefully. I'll give her a prescription.." "Doctor Lin, help Empress Li to have a look!" Before he could finish, Mo Ge coldly interrupted Ma Yuyi's words. He raised his head in horror and blushed. "Doesn't the empress believe in my medical skill?" As a doctor,interactive whiteboard prices, the most intolerable is other people's doubts about their own medical skills, Ma Yuyi is no exception, his red face also has hidden uneasiness.

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