What is Social Bookmarking? Social Bookmarking Sites List 2024

Social bookmarking is an online service that allows its users to add, edit and share stories of web documents. Since the introduction of the web, there is a number of social bookmarking sites available on the web which allow visitors to bookmark their websites on these platforms. Users save the links of their websites that they want to share to grow the popularity of their website using link building. Just like business listing websites are used to store the info of businesses, classified submission sites to advertise websites, social bookmarking sites are used to bookmark the links of the websites that the user wants to share among the audience of the web.

Link building is a crucial feature of Search Engine Optimisation. Because it assists in increasing the no of coming users and the ranking in the search engine. This is because search engines normally decide the ranking of a website by the no of its backlinks. Backlinks are the external links that are existing on other websites that link to your website. Backlinks normally conclude the quality of the content of your website. Social bookmarking is also related to backlinks.

How to Submit Your website in Social-bookmarkingsites.com

Follow these steps to add your website story

  • Enter or Add Website URL
  • Add or Insert Title
  • Add or Enter Tags
  • Choose or Select Website Category
  • Add or Insert Website Description
  • Once you are done with the above steps, Click on Confirm

For any reason, if face any issue, please contact us immediately, we are here to help inappropriate manner always.

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