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Description: ALPHA HEATER  it will start to cool itself down to bring the temperature down to 104° F (40° C). If the temperature keeps rising despite bringing it down 3 times in a row, this smart heater will shut itself off. All without you having to give any thought at all! While the heater is compact and perfect for taking on trips, there could be a situation when the Alpha Heater ends up tipping over. While such a situation is unlikely, especially if you plug it into your wall, it’s best to be prepared, yes? Well, Alpha Heater did. If it tips over, it will immediately stop heating, blow room temperature air for 30 seconds to cool itself down, and then cut its own power supply. It cannot get any safer than that! If you notice that your heater had tipped over, simply remove the obstruction, unplug it for 5 to 10 minutes, and it will be good to go again! But perhaps the best thing about this heater is how little energy it uses. Alpha Heater would use between

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